Shannon Masjedi | Masjedi Shannon

I am the senior vice president and co-creator of the innovative product SnoBar. Other than this, I have been working in the real estate sector for the past many years and have successfully closed many complicated real estate deals. Apart from this, I have

Masjedi Shannon takes the Path to Victory

There are women all over the world, who indulge themselves in experimentation. Some of them reach to the ladder of success while there are some who do not get much successful. Masjedi Shannon is one such successful woman who reached to the top through her hard work and dedication. Masjedi is a renowned real estate agent in Arizona and California. With time, she has acquired the skills and is now able to crack complicated deals.  In addition to this, Masjedi Shannon has also been served as the Chief Financial officer and Treasurer at Pacific Ventures. But her success began with the forming of the icy treat of Snobar.

One evening, Masjedi Shannon demanded her husband to prepare a unique and extraordinary dessert to make her evening special. It was then, that they together tried to create a new type of ice cream. It was at this point that they decided to add some alcohol into their ice cream mixture and what came out was something interesting. In addition, it was like this that the establishment of Snobar was made.

Masjedi Shannon for the next several months worked with chefs and food scientists to get the best out of this dessert. They gave proper guidance regarding the ingredients that are to be added and at what temperatures. Finally, Shannon could achieve her perfect frozen cocktail made up of different flavors like Mojito, Margarita, Grasshopper and Pink Squirrel, being the most favorite amongst all. The dessert is loved and admired by all even today and is especially for an adult audience, providing Shannon with the success that she truly deserved.

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