Shannon Masjedi | Masjedi Shannon

I am the senior vice president and co-creator of the innovative product SnoBar. Other than this, I have been working in the real estate sector for the past many years and have successfully closed many complicated real estate deals. Apart from this, I have

Masjedi Shannon and her Passion to Travel

Masjedi Shannon is the creator of the innovative product SnoBar. The cocktails available here include a wide variety of alcohol-infused ice pops and ice creams. The modern drink created with the combined efforts of Shannon along with her husband is considered as a must serve the frozen cocktail. This modern drink is made up from a mixture of premium vodka, triple sec, and cranberry. A few exciting flavors available as an option are Grasshopper ice Cream, Pink Squirrel, and a few others. Pink Squirrel has become the most popular dessert and is a perfect complement to any other dessert.

SnoBar’s  alcohol infused ice candies please the most sophisticated audience. Each of this unique dish is made up with natural ingredients and premium alcohol. Masjedi Shannon has received an amazing response from her customers that has motivated her as well her team to be strong and expand up their business areas. The products offered at SnoBar are mostly offered to customers above the age of 21 as it contains alcohol content. The distinctiveness of products available at SnoBar has given it an edge over its competitors.

In addition to this, Masjedi Shannon is a passionate traveler and has traveled to various places across the world including Turkey, Singapore, Spain and more. During her trips, Shannon meets with a number of people belonging to different cultures and traditions. Her interactions with different people help her to gain a great amount of knowledge regarding different cultures, which in return helped Masjedi Shannon to serve her customers in a much better way.

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