Shannon Masjedi | Masjedi Shannon

I am the senior vice president and co-creator of the innovative product SnoBar. Other than this, I have been working in the real estate sector for the past many years and have successfully closed many complicated real estate deals. Apart from this, I have

Masjedi Shannon Makes Being Successful Look Easy

There are those who say that only men can make it big in the corporate world, mainly because it can get pretty ruthless. However, there are some women, who proved that they are extremely strong, both in mind and body, and they can do everything that a man can, in the corporate world. Masjedi Shannon is one such person and she has shown that with hard work and determination, you can rise to the top, irrespective of your gender.

Masjedi Shannon started off like any other person at the bottom rungs of the industry, but with sheer determination and an incredible amount of grit, she was able to rise quickly through the ranks. Today, she is a recognised real estate agent in Arizona as well as California and in both these states, she is known as nothing less than a lioness. Not only does she close every deal that she sets her hands on, Masjedi Shannon is also known to complete deals that are often considered extremely complicated by others.

However, her real success story came with Snobar, an icy treat, which combines the deliciousness of some popular cocktails with the cold comfort of an ice cream. One night, Masjedi Shannon and her husband were in their kitchen at home, trying to create a new and interesting dessert. They decided to add some alcohol to the ice cream mix and when they tasted the result, they knew that they were onto something great. With months of hard work and experimentation, Snobar came into existence and continues to grow towards greatness.

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